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Connecting the community to nature

The NaturallyGC workshops and activities are designed for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment.

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NaturallyGC at home

The situation created by the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is truly unprecedented in our times and has limited our time spent outdoors in nature.

Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, the NaturallyGC program is now running online. This new online program offers many of your favourite workshops, activities and ideas to help keep you and your family connected to the environment.

We look forward to reintroducing your favourite workshops and activities back into the NaturallyGC program once restrictions have been revised.

NaturallyGC online workshops and activities

Visit our Events calendar or NaturallyGC online event page to see upcoming Facebook Live and Zoom webinars.

Check out our Naturally Gold Coast YouTube playlist for fresh weekly content from virtual nature trails to nature activities at home.

Learning at home resources

Our NaturallyGC partners have developed additional resources which may be of interest while at home.

NaturallyGC online articles

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