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Connecting the community to nature

The NaturallyGC workshops and activities are designed for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment.

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NaturallyGC Junior Wild Defenders

The NaturallyGC Junior Wild Defenders program aims to empower young people to take action to preserve nature and learn about the importance of our flora, fauna and the environment around us through interactive and engaging educational booklets.

Each booklet includes several challenges and tasks to prompt child-led exploration of a nature or conservation-based topic. Some of the tasks include on ground action, drawing, design, art, building, photography, quizzes and getting crafty.

We’ve made it easy for you to download a digital copy. Complete them all and collect your badges! Simply click on one of the 12 topics to get started and download a copy of our poster and digital badges to start your collection. Once you’ve completed all 12 you’re an official Junior Wild Defender.

This program was proudly produced in conjunction with local organisation Green Heroes.

Green Heroes believe that every child has the power to make a positive impact on the environment; first through understanding, followed by action.

You can also join our extensive range of free and low cost nature based activities and workshops through our NaturallyGC program.

Wild Defender Badge - Astronomy


See the stars shine for you

Learn some secrets of the night sky and begin to understand why it has captured people’s imaginations since before time began. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Astronomy Badge you will test your design and construction abilities, powers of observation, navigation skills and creativity.

Wild Defender Badge - Brilliant Bats

Brilliant bats

Microbats and flying foxes

Discover the secret lives of bats and begin to understand why they need our protection. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Brilliant Bats Badge you will need to identify the body parts of a bat, learn what to do with a sick or injured bat, test your knowledge about bats, use some cool drawing techniques to draw a bat, and make a pledge to keep them safe.

Wild Defender Badge - Habitat Garden

Habitat garden

Nature and me are meant to be

Help wildlife by recreating lost habitat in your garden. By doing so you are linking your garden to the entire local habitat on which the birds and other animals depend. To earn your Junior Wild Defender Habitat Garden Badge you will need to complete a backyard fauna survey, planning a habitat garden, planting natives, providing water for wildlife, and creating a lizard lounge!

Wild Defender Badge - Mapping


I do believe it’s time for another adventure

Discover the world around you with new eyes as you begin to observe and record details on a map. To earn your Junior Wild Defender Mapping Badge, you will learn to use and read a map and even create your own! You will also be able to hide some treasures close by and mark them with an X on your map for others to find.

Wild Defender Badge - Nature Photography

Nature photography

You don’t take a photograph, you make it!

Photography is a powerful means of communication which can capture moments in time and help preserve memories, or document events for media or new discoveries for science. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Nature Photography Badge you will learn the many different styles of photography and ways to take a picture. By experimenting and taking lots of pictures you will soon become an expert!

Wild Defender Badge - Marsupials


Love and pouches

Marsupials are pouched mammals which give birth to babies that are not fully developed (although some, such as the numbat, do not have a pouch). To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Marsupials Badge you will discover some of Queensland’s incredible marsupial animals, where they live, what they eat and how you can help them to stay strong and healthy in the wild.

Wild Defender Badge - The Big Clean Up

The Big Clean Up

Be part of the solution not part of the pollution

Learn why it’s important for all of us to do our best to clean up, avoid, reduce, reuse and recycle waste. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Clean Up Badge you’ll need to complete 3 challenges including a 100 point clean up, designing a recycling bin and creating a superhero to help fight the war on waste. By the time you’ve earned your badge you’ll be well on the way to becoming a true superhero.

Wild Defender Badge - Green House

The Green House

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without.

Discover why it’s important to reduce pollution and learn how we can all tread more lightly on the earth. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Green House Badge, you will need to make a plan to reduce your carbon footprint, plant a food garden, build a worm hotel and make your own range of amazing household cleaning products.

Wild Defender Badge - Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger

The trees and me were meant to be

Discover the trees living in your neighbourhood, observe the different colours, leaf shapes, seeds, flowers, bark textures and collect interesting finds for your scavenger scrapbook. Other challenges you will need to complete to earn your Junior Wild Defenders Tree Hugger Badge include creating a journal, planting a local native tree, and completing a variety of fun activities to do with your tree!

Wild Defender Badge - Turtletastic


An ocean free of plastic would be turtletastic

All seven species of marine turtle are now threatened with extinction. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Turtletastic badge, you will complete five challenges. These involve: being able to identify the parts of a marine turtle’s body and the different species, testing your marine turtle facts, creating a life cycle diorama and making a pledge to help keep marine turtles safe.

Wild Defender Badge - Wildlife Artist

Wildlife artist

Nature inspiring creativity

To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Wildlife Artist Badge you’ll look closely at four different native Australian animals. In taking time to observe these animals you may truly see, for the first time, their unique shapes, patterns, colours and contours. The four challenges include creating your own emu, 3D layered numbat, magazine strip koala, and dot art turtle.

Wild Defender Badge - Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife rescue

Big or small be kind to all

Native animals need rescuing for all kinds of reasons. Learn how to give lifesaving first aid to native animals that need our help. To earn your Junior Wild Defenders Wildlife Rescue Badge you’ll need to complete five challenges including making a rescue kit, learning your bird facts, creating an awareness raising poster, writing a story about your favourite native animal and pledging to support wildlife.

This program was proudly produced in conjunction with local organisation Green Heroes.

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