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Connecting the community to nature

The NaturallyGC workshops and activities are designed for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment.

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Gold Coast Nature Passport

Nature Play Passport

City of Gold Coast, in partnership with Nature Play Queensland, has developed a Gold Coast Nature Passport - a fun, low-cost and interactive way for parents and children to explore the Gold Coast’s natural environment.

Passport missions

Children are given the opportunity to venture across the Gold Coast on 11 missions ranging from Gainsborough Environmental Reserve in Pimpama to Bochow Park in Numinbah Valley and Tugun Hill Conservation Area in Tugun.

The missions have been designed to appeal to children aged three to 12 years and be fun, while being educational and developing children’s creative abilities. They also take into consideration access to family-friendly facilities. The passport has ‘mission’ pages, stickers, suggestions on great places to go and things to do outdoors. There's also a list of 15 things every child should do before they’re 12. Parents, get your kids started today!

Free copies of the Gold Coast Nature Passport are available at most libraries, or you can contact us as per the details below.

Missions are also available through an exciting online interface that allows kids to find a mission, and then leave the computer behind to go outside, and do it. For additional motivation, they can collect virtual points for completing each outdoor activity to build avatars and earn prizes.

About Nature Play Queensland

Nature Play QLD inspires children’s outdoor play, learning, and love of nature. It is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

Nature Play increases the time children spend in unstructured play in nature by providing resources, information, events and activity ideas for adults to support their children’s outdoor play.

Phone: 07 5667 5972

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