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Council of the City of Gold Coast

We provide a vast range of services, activities and facilities to make the Gold Coast the best place to live, visit and stay.

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Our finances

Annual Plan 2017-18

What we spend and how we spend it, including our financial statements and our financial management practices.

Councils raise money to provide infrastructure and services to communities through rates and water bills, fees and charges, grants, subsidies and loans. Revenue is raised  from council operated businesses including tourist parks, water and waste services. Developer contributions and infrastructure charges are levied on land being developed to pay for water supply, sewerage and drainage, roads and pathways and public recreation.

The Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012 specify that Council must develop and adopt an annual budget which is consistent with  corporate and operational plans and revenue policy.

Our financial plans and reports

Annual financial reporting is key to ensuring  the 'good rule and government' of a local area. Councils are required to document the processes used to raise revenue as well as account for expenditures. These documents are publicly available.

The City Budget documents include an annual corporate plan, operational plan, a revenue statement including a summary of the City's rates and charges. The annual budget documents show major areas of expenditure, discounts, rates and how funds are allocated to meet key priorities.

The  finance section in the Annual Report is a formal record of the organisation's financial activities and provides detailed information on our financial reports, disclosure and audited financial statements for the financial year.

The policy documents below in the Key information section outline the key legislation, standards and processes which guide our financial management.


The City’s procurement activities are undertaken in accordance with the requirements of Section 104 of the Local Government Act 2009, the Local Government Regulations 2012 and the City’s Procurement Policy. The City must use procurement to advance our strategic priorities and outcomes whilst achieving value for money with probity and accountability.

Community Grants

Local governments can provide grant assistance directly to community organisations. The provision of grants to community organisations is an important way for local governments to support their local communities.

In order to allocate grants to community organisations, a local government must adopt a community grants policy consistent with the requirements of sections 194-195 of the Local Government Regulations 2012.

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