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Council of the City of Gold Coast

We provide a vast range of services, activities and facilities to make the Gold Coast the best place to live, visit and stay.

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Our lists

You can ask for more information about our publications and public registers by contacting us.

Some of Council of the City of Gold Coast's public registers which are available online or are open to public inspection are:

  • Infrastructure Charges Register - The Infrastructure Charges Register contains levied infrastructure charges and is updated monthly.
  • Local Heritage Register - Information about the city's Local Heritage Register, including links to a downloadable version of the Register.
  • Local Heritage Register documents - These downloadable documents contain all the places currently listed in the Local Heritage Register.
  • Councillor Conduct Register - City of Gold Coast has developed a Councillor Conduct Register to record and disclose each complaint about Councillor Conduct.
  • Animal Control Area Register - View the Animal Control Area Register and identify the map number of the animal control area you wish to review.
  • Excluded Park Register - Commercial fitness activities - The Excluded Park Register lists the parks (or parts thereof) where commercial fitness activities are prohibited.
  • Heritage places maps - The following maps are an indication only of the extent of those places entered on the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register. They should be read in conjunction with the Gold Coast Local Heritage Register.
  • Past Regulatory Fees and Non-Regulatory Charges - The Regulatory Fees and Non-Regulatory Charges documents list the fees and charges for Council's services other than rates, and so on, covered by the Revenue Statement.
  • Community directory - The Gold Coast Community Directory is a free directory of local community groups, services and facilities on offer across the Gold Coast.
  • Dog exercise areas - Find the location of dog exercise areas across the city, including some beaches, and their conditions of use.

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