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Purchase orders

The Procurement Policy and Contract Manual governs the compliance and fulfilment of the purchase order and payment process for the carrying out of works or provision of goods and/or services.

The following sections provide further information.

What is a purchase order?

A purchase order is a document issued by the City to the supplier that defines what is needed, in what quantity, and on what terms, including price and payment terms.

The value on the purchase order is GST exclusive. The City will pay the GST amount at the time of the electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The City will issue a purchase order for either:

  • facilitation of payment against an established contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract, or
  • to form of contract that defines the conditions of order and facilitates the payment process between a supplier and the City.

Supplier details captured on the purchase order document include:

  • registered trading name
  • company name
  • ABN number
  • contact details.

Conditions of order

Review the City’s conditions of order.

Purchase order requirements

The City is required to arrange a purchase order prior to (not retrospective to) the carrying out of works or provision of goods and/or services. Once supplied a purchase order the supplier is able to provision to the City.

A supplier may receive more than one purchase order number depending on the range of work being undertaken.

If the purchase order is being raised as part of a contract arrangement, the conditions of the contract will prevail over the conditions of the purchase order.

City officers are expressly prohibited from entering into verbal agreements with suppliers until an official purchase order has been raised.

Purchase order processing

Purchase orders are processed through an electronic procurement system and supplied via the nominated email address or facsimile (fax) number.

For all GST enquiries, please contact the City's Corporate Finance Branch:

Phone: +61 7 5581 6438

Cancellation of a purchase order

Cancellation of any purchase order must be in writing.

Delivery notes and dockets

All goods delivered to the City must be accompanied by the delivery note or docket, which includes the purchase order number, a description of the goods and the quantity supplied.

Services (works):
All services supplied to the City require evidence of the delivery of the work to be physically documented, e.g. delivery docket, time-sheets, packing slip and/or milestone reports.

Suppliers must observe the following when supplying to the City:

  • The receiving officer must sign the corresponding delivery note or docket (used by the City to verify receipt of the works, goods and/or delivery of services to enable payment).
  • Payment cannot be made until the authorising officer has certified the satisfactory receipt of the above.
  • Invoices must not be included with any delivery. They are to be sent directly to City's Accounts Payable department. Refer to Invoicing and payments for further information.


The City’s Conditions of Order stipulate that goods are to be delivered to the specified delivery point at no charge. If a charge for freight is to apply, this must be clearly stated on the purchase order.

Should a purchase order not include freight and it is to be charged, it is important to contact your Purchasing Officer representative prior to delivery.

Contact Accounts Payable

If you would like to speak to a City representative regarding an invoicing or payment matter, please contact us:

Phone: +61 7 5581 6340
Fax: +61 7 5581 6181

For further information please refer to the frequently asked questions.

Related information

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  • I haven’t received a copy of my purchase order

    • Your contact details with City of Gold Coast may not be current. To check your details please contact Accounts Payable on 07 5581 6340, or email
    • For all other enquiries regarding receipt of purchase orders please contact Purchasing on 07 5581 6275, or email
  • Why haven’t I been paid or why was my invoice returned to me?

    There are a number of reasons your invoice has not been paid:

    • You do not have a Council purchase order number.
    • You haven’t quoted the purchase order on your invoice, or
    • You haven’t quoted a contract reference number on your invoice.
    • Your purchase order has been completed and you haven’t received your new order number.
    • Your invoice is not compliant with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office.
    • Your company name does not match the ABN number on the invoice.
    • You have listed more than one purchase order number on your invoice.
  • I am a new supplier to Council. What do I need to do?

    If you are offered work for the first time with Council we will need to obtain some information from you to set you up in the system and enable Council to pay for your goods and/or services.

    You will be sent a New Supplier Information Form to complete. This needs to be completed and returned with:

    • Pre-printed bank deposit slip or similar from your bank to verify ownership of the account and clear linkage to your business.
    • A tax invoice with ABN number.
    • If your trading name is not registered with your ABN as shown on the Australian Business Register, and is different from your company name, a copy of your Business Name Registration Certificate from the Office of Fair Trading is required. You are able to check your details by visiting
  • Does Council prefer to use local suppliers?

    Please refer to the Competitive local business and industry section on the previous Procurement page.

  • What is Council's ABN?

    Council of the City of Gold Coast's Australian Business Number is 84 858 548 460


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