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School Watersaver Program

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City of Gold Coast provides an extensive School Watersaver education program which encourages students to work towards a sustainable water future. The program highlights the value of water on a global and local scale, and addresses the following five aspects of water and water usage:

  • water as a valuable resource
  • sources of water
  • using water wisely (urban demand management)
  • alternative water sources - recycled water and desalination
  • sustainability.

Make your mark by increasing your students' awareness about the value of a sustainable water future. The 'Make your water mark!' Watersaver education program has been developed by leading teachers for teachers, through in-depth focus group discussions and research.

The education units are available for every year level (early childhood through to secondary school) and consist of:

  • worksheets
  • lesson plans
  • activity sheets
  • additional information to support teachers in their delivery of water education to primary and secondary students

Teachers and students can gain access to the education units by clicking the relevant link below.

Privacy note: by subscribing to access the 'Make your water mark!' Watersaver school education program curriculum material, you agree that the personal information provided may be used by City of Gold Coast for the purpose of communicating with you and facilitating your access to the material. This personal information will not be given to any other person or agency without your permission, or as required by law.

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