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Smart Approved WaterMark

The Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) is Australia’s outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help to reduce water use around the home.

The SAWM was established by four associations closely involved with water use – the Water Services Association of Australia, the Australian Water Association, the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia and the Irrigation Association of Australia.

The SAWM aims to ensure the Australian public is aware of, and actively engaged in, water conservation around the home by:

  • promoting products and services that help conserve water
  • helping consumers understand often complex water conservation issues
  • championing innovative solutions for sustainable water use around the home.

Why apply?

SAWM certification most significantly gives companies a marketing advantage to the water-conscious Australian consumer public and valuable inclusion in water rebate schemes.

With polls showing that close to 90 per cent of Australian’s believe smart technologies are key solutions to reducing water use around the home, the SAWM label gives consumers confidence that they are buying a product or service which will help them reduce water consumption.

When designing water saving incentive rebates, the Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC) has committed to supporting the SAWM by giving preference to SAWM-endorsed products.


Applications to the Smart Approved WaterMark are open to all companies and organisations that manufacture and/or distribute a water saving product or deliver a water saving service in Australia.

Applications should be completed separately for water saving products and services and can be completed online. Upon application, an independent technical expert panel will assess all applications against a set of predetermined criteria.

Schedule of fees

Refer to the Schedule of Fees for application, licensing and renewal fees. The application fee is not refundable. Approved companies can use the Smart Approved WaterMark label for a period of two years from the date of issue on the Certificate of Approval.

For further information visit the Smart Approved WaterMark website.

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