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Culture Strategy 2023

Culture defines us as a community and as a city. Culture creates a sense of belonging. Culture is central to our social and economic growth. Culture is created by us.

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Culture Strategy 2023

City of Gold Coast: built on creativity, transformed by imagination

The City of Gold Coast's Culture Strategy 2023 sets a vision for our city where culture is central to our community wellbeing, our city's reputation and liveability, and our economic growth.

The strategy calls us to push boundaries and challenge perceptions, uncover and promote our unique heritage and culture, and explore new creative territory.

We seek to find new ways to support our artists and cultural practitioners to create excellent contemporary art that is distinctly Gold Coast. We want to engage our residents and visitors to explore, participate, make and experience arts and culture that surprises, delights, challenges and entertains.

We aim to make arts and culture part of our everyday lives.

The Culture Strategy 2023 was developed after extensive consultation with our community and local cultural practitioners.

Check out the Culture Strategy 2023 which details three major catalysts for change, delivering unprecedented opportunities for cultural development and transformation, and exploring the four strategic outcomes that fuel our strategic vision.

Culture Strategy 2023 (PDF 5mb)

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