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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

Information about waste and recycling services on the Gold Coast is available in one central location.

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Commercial waste management

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City of Gold Coast offers businesses an extensive range of waste management services. These include kerbside commercial waste, commingled recycling and green organics collections, and landfill access at Stapylton Commercial and Domestic Waste and Recycling Centre and Reedy Creek Commercial landfill for recycling or disposal of commercial and industrial waste.

In an effort to make waste management charges simpler and easier to understand the City has changed the way we charge for commercial waste collection services. From 1 July 2019, we will no longer be applying 7different charges for each bin type based on the number of weekly collections, instead we will have one charge for each bin type based on the lowest daily rate. This means that many of our commercial customers will see a reduction in their waste management charges (exclusive of the State Government Waste Disposal Levy) and no customer will be negatively impacted. The City will continue to strive to review our waste charges to ensure they represent a user pays approach and drive positive waste behaviour.

The City is able to provide waste and recycling collection services to any commercial property within the service area of the Gold Coast. Waste and recycling services can also be arranged for special events.

Types of bins available

There are three types of bins available:

  • wheelie bins
  • bulk containers
  • roll-on, roll-off (RORO) containers.

Bins are available in a range of sizes:

Bulk bin dimensions (includes wheels and pockets)

Size Bulk bin capacity (litres) Length (millimetres) Width (millimetres) Height (millimetres)
1 660 - plastic 1510 780 1330
2 1000 - steel 1738 901 1310
3 1100 - plastic 1490 1100 1330
4A 1500 - plastic 2275 1300 1110
4 1500 - steel 2040 1051 1304
5A 2000 - steel 2050 965 1553
6 3000 - steel 2030 1450 1684

Wheelie bin dimensions

Wheelie bin capacity (litres) Length (millimetres) Width (millimetres) Height (millimetres)
140 615 505 915
240 730 550 1060
360 865 650 1100

Find your wheelie bin size

The size of your wheelie bin is imprinted on the right hand side of the top rim of your bin body (see photo). The stamp includes information about the Australian Standard number, bin size (in litres) and bin weight (in kilograms). You may be required to know your bin size when changing sizes or repairing your bins.

RORO (Roll on-Roll off) bin dimensions

Ro-Ro bin capacity (cubic metres) Length (millimetres) Width (millimetres) Height (millimetres)
10 6405 2140 2066
15 6405 2400 2056
23 6497 2464 2139
30 6506 2463 2566

We are helping local businesses to rethink the way they dispose of their commercial food waste, the City has implemented a new commercial food waste recycling service which aims to reduce the amount of food waste from landfill.

Ordering bin services

If your business or body corporate would like to set up a new waste, recycling or green organics collection service with the City or you want to alter your existing service, you can download the commercial and/or shared bin application form. Technical officers are available to help you assess your needs onsite by calling 07 5667 5976. A completed liability waiver form is also required to complete the application.

Temporary waste and recycling collection services can also be requested. Businesses can order additional services for a period of up to three months by completing the additional bin services form. Waste and recycling bins required for an event or function can otherwise be ordered by event organisers using the pre-paid functions and events form.

Find the link to the application forms below.

Register for My Account

The City has a new information technology system for major customer, property and revenue functions. As part of this new system, you can register for My Account – a secure online portal to lodge applications, access your information, request services and manage your accounts from one location.

You will need to sign in to My Account to use our ‘pay later’ option when submitting an application and requesting an invoice for payment. With My Account, you will also have 24/7 convenience to:

  • pay bills and manage your sundry debtor account
  • make service requests and track progress
  • perform property searches
  • update your details
  • lodge and track licence and permit applications
  • lodge and track development applications.

As a registered user of My Account, you have the additional benefit of personal details pre-filled in your service requests and application forms.

For more information and to register, visit My Account.

Commercial waste and recycling services

Commercial waste wheelie bins can be serviced up to seven days per week. Wheelie bin sizes are 140, 240, and 360 litre.

Bulk waste containers of various sizes can be serviced as required, up to seven days per week.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) containers are for waste only, and can be serviced as required, up to seven days per week. RORO waste container sizes are 10, 15, 20, and 23 cubic metres.

Bulk waste bin cleaning services are also available on application. Compacted bulk waste services and compacted RORO services can also be arranged, but users of such services must provide their own waste compactor and waste bin. Call us on 07 5667 5976 for competitive rates for waste and recycling services.

Find the link to the Bulk waste bin cleaning services application form below.

Additional waste and recycling services

Customers are welcome to request additional services to their scheduled waste and recycling collections. There is a requirement for these additional services to be pre-paid.

Services included in this pre-payment requirement are:

  • additional services on existing bins, and;
  • delivery of temporary bins and servicing.

This does not apply to standard scheduled services.

Replacement costs as outlined in our Register of fees and charges are payable for damaged or stolen bins. For any bulk bins and/ or roll on roll off (RORO) bins, replacement charges will be the actual cost depending on the size of the bin/s and extend of the damage.

Pre-payment options include BPAY®, credit card, pay in person at a customer service centre, cheque or money order by mail.

Find the link to the pre-paid additional services application form below.

Commercial recycling services

The City is committed to diverting waste from landfill and encourages the recycling of suitable materials where possible. Recycling is not only good for the environment, but can assist you to make considerable savings on your waste removal bill.

Types of items that can be collected for recycling include:

  • glass jars and bottles (no other glass items are acceptable)
  • rigid plastic containers (excluding styrofoam)
  • aluminium cans, steel cans and aerosols
  • clean cardboard, newspapers, magazines and cartons.

A commercial recycling service can be provided by the City for 140 litre, 240 litre or 360 litre wheelie bins.

Bulk recycling containers of various sizes are also available. Call us on 07 5667 5976 for information on possible collection frequency.

Bulk recycling bin cleaning services are also available on application.

Find the link to the Bulk waste bin cleaning services application form below.

New development clearance guidance

It is important that new commercial buildings and other multi-storey developments are designed with suitable space available for easy waste collection vehicle access and servicing of bin storage areas. Clearance calculations should take into account:

  • collection vehicle dimensions – travelling height, servicing height, width, length and turning radius
  • added margins (100 millimetres height and 500 millimetres width) for vehicle dimensions to allow for truck variation
  • if applicable, additional margin allowed for wall-mounted / under-ceiling services (lighting, water, sewerage, electricity, data, air-conditioning, fire systems and other emergency) and other permanent fixtures (bollards, barriers, cupboards and signs)
  • if applicable, additional margin allowed for roadway gradients at basement entrances and near storage areas.

Waste collection vehicle dimension diagrams are provided for three vehicle types, typically used for commercial waste and recycling collections - side lift truck (wheelie bins), front loader (bulk bins) and hook lift truck (RORO 35 cubic metres bin).

Further advice on waste collection vehicle clearances for developments can be found in the City Plan policy – Solid Waste Management.

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