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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

Information about waste and recycling services on the Gold Coast is available in one central location.

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Disposal services

The disposal of certain wastes must meet specific requirements to be accepted at our landfills. This includes:

The City also supports two recycling programs for unwanted chemicals:

  1. ChemClear is a periodic collection that provides an avenue for farmers and land managers to dispose of unwanted agricultural chemicals.
  2. The household hazardous waste program available at Merrimac and Helensvale Waste and Recycling Centres, recycles small quantities up to 20 litres of unwanted domestic waste liquids (no commercial waste), such as paint and other household chemicals.

Dead animals can be disposed of at Stapylton Recycling Centre and Landfill. For information on the correct disposal of dead animals, please call Waste Management on 07 5667 5976.

Materials not accepted at our centres

Use Planet Ark’s recycling near you tool to find options for materials not accepted for recycling at our centres, such as medical x-rays.

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