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Gold Coast natural environment

We have one of Australia's most biodiverse cities. Let's explore, celebrate and work together to protect it for the future.

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Saving energy

Household Energy Consumption

Household Energy Consumption Chart

Reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stopping climate change.

Cutting back on electricity consumption, choosing green energy alternatives, using sustainable transport and purchasing energy efficient, environmentally-friendly products are all things we need to do.

From turning off appliances to using cold water in your washing machine and servicing your car regularly for fuel efficiency, there are many simple things you can do.

What we are doing

City of Gold Coast has developed an Energy Management Plan with a focus on generating green renewable energy and is introducing sustainable building design in new and renovated facilities. Through planning measures, we encourage sustainable development.

What you can do

Change everyday behaviours to reduce energy consumption. Choose energy rated appliances and efficient lighting. If you are building or renovating, consider energy efficient design and insulation - you’ll be more comfortable. Walk, cycle or take public transport and cut back on motor vehicle trips. Choose a fuel efficient or hybrid vehicle when buying a car and keep it well-maintained.

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