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My water. My future.

Water is a precious and limited resource. Whatever the weather, everyone and every drop counts.

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Home Watersaver Program

In South East Queensland, we live in a climate of extremes. Ensuring you are watersaver and making a small effort now may make a big difference later. From the bathroom to the backyard, simple things can be done that could save thousands of litres of water each year.

City of Gold Coast has produced a water saving tips brochure with practical information designed to make water usage in your home and garden easy to achieve.

Top water saving tips for inside the home

  • install water efficient devices and appliances
  • reduce your shower time
  • do full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • don't let the tap run when brushing your teeth, shaving or rinsing fruit and vegetables (half fill the sink instead for cleaning fruits and vegetables)
  • fix leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible.

Top water saving tips for outside the home

  • avoid watering the garden in the heat of the day and only water when needed – keep an eye on the weather
  • select drought tolerant plants to reduce water needs
  • use a good mulch – mulching can prevent up to 70 per cent evaporation
  • use a hose with efficient fittings such as a trigger nozzle
  • use rainwater tanks for watering the garden and topping up the pool.

With dam levels falling and dry conditions forecast over autumn and into winter, it's important we develop good water habits so we have enough to meet future demand. To find out more about the drought readiness plan for South East Queensland visit the Seqwater website.

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