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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

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Kerbside clean-ups

FLEXiSKiP for bulky kerbside collection expanding City-wide

This service will be rolling out across the Gold Coast from 4 January 2021. The City is excited to provide this service to more members of our community.

While the service will remain free for those who comply with its conditions, a charge will apply for non-compliance.

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In 2020 the City changed the way we manage waste and recycling, trialling a free, on-demand bulky item kerbside collection service known as FLEXiSKiP.

We partnered with a new service provider named Handel Group and their FLEXiSKiP service model which:

  • gives customers more flexibility and control
  • accepts more varieties of waste than previous programs
  • keeps our streets free from unsightly discarded materials
  • significantly reduces the amount of items sent to landfill.

We are very excited to report that since February 2020 we have diverted approximately 52% of items discarded by city residents away from landfills, as compared with the previous model, where 100% of the items collected were sent to landfills.

FLEXiSKiP by Handel uses a heavy-duty, three-cubic-metre skip bag with a one-tonne capacity. The FLEXiSKiP is big enough to fit couches, mattresses and other large bulky items. Residents simply set the FLEXiSKiP up within four metres of the street kerb or driveway, fill it up and then arrange collection.

Who is eligible?

Most properties across the Gold Coast that receive a City wheelie bin collection service are eligible for the expanded service from early 2021.

As per the previous model, some residences will not be eligible for bulky kerbside collection. These include:

  • high rise and unit complexes with over 10 units
  • high rise and unit complexes with a current bulk bin service
  • rural areas that do not have a City-provided waste collection service
  • Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove resort complexes which are serviced by a private waste services contractor.

We are continuing to explore ways to safely and continually expand our kerbside collection service to customers who are ineligible at this time

How it works

This service is free to eligible residents across the City, and FLEXiSKiP booking will commence in early 2021. To book your free services, residents need to:

Our service provider, FLEXiSKiP by Handel, provides an on-demand flexible skip at a time that's convenient to the eligible resident.

  • If you are an eligible resident your skip will arrive in a small compostable satchel bag to your property in up to 5 days.
  • Unpack your skip and place it within four metres of the street kerb where it does not obstruct a public footpath or roadway. To keep our streets beautiful and to prevent any unwanted use of your personal FLEXiSKiP, we recommend only placing your FLEXiSKiP on the kerb when you are ready to fill it. Ideally, your FLEXiSKiP should only be placed on the kerbside for a period of no longer than two weeks. Remember to make sure there are no obstructions like power lines, trees or cars as this may prevent collection.
  • Now you're ready to fill your skip (which is a three-cubic-metre, purpose-built bag with a one-tonne capacity) with acceptable waste items from around the home.
  • When you're done, you can download the FLEXiSKiP by Handel app to your smart phone and scan the QR code on the bag. This will send an alert that you are ready to have your bag collected. You can also request your FLEXiSKiP collection online or over the phone.
  • Your skip of bulky items will then be collected within three business days.
  • Don't have a smart phone? No problem, call the FLEXiSKiP call centre on 07 5619 5221 and let them know your skip is ready for collection.

Fees will apply for non-compliant use of the bulky kerbside service as below:

  • Unused bulky kerbside service fee – Once-off charge of $45.54 applies.
    • A collection must be booked within 30 days from the date the FLEXiSKiP was delivered.  Fees will apply for collection booking from 31st day.
  • Failed bulky kerbside service fee – For every failed collection attempt a charge of $49.50 applies.
    • Fees will apply if a booked collection doesn’t occur. This can happen due to a range of issues including:
    • The location of the FLEXiSKiP is unsuitable for collection. For example, not on kerbside or too close to cars, trees and powerlines.
    • The FLEXiSKiP is overweight or oversized.
    • The FLEXiSKiP contains unacceptable items.
  • Contamination with non-accepted waste items after collection charge – charges will vary based on type and amount of non-accepted waste items - refer to the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions apply

Privacy notice

Accepted/non-accepted waste

Accepted waste Non-accepted waste
Soft flooring and mattresses Construction and demolition material
Electronic items (cords, computers) Batteries or mobile phones
Household appliances including fridges, freezers, washers, dryers and stoves Car parts including tyres
Soft furnishings and large furniture Hazardous waste (such as gas bottles, asbestos, chemicals and fibro sheets)
Carpets and rugs Liquids, oils, solvents and paints
Bath and laundry tubs Commercial builders and business waste
Timber, tiles and bricks General household waste and recycling (including food scraps)
Bikes and sporting equipment  
Wood products  
Garden organics (lawn clippings, palm fronds, pruning)  
All glass items including glass bottles  

For more information on accepted waste, visit the Handel GC Bulk Collection web page.

Frequently asked questions

Why has the service changed?

The previous Bulky Kerbside Collection service created challenges for the City around resource recovery, potential community safety issues and the unsightly appearance of our city. To mitigate these issues, we trialled a new type of on-demand service, making the process more efficient and easier for residents. This means residents will have more control when disposing of waste, while keeping the streets of your suburb free from unwanted and discarded materials.

I thought the service was free, why do you need my credit/debit card details?

While the service will remain free for those who comply with its conditions, a charge will be applied for non-compliance. The proposed charges will cover the cost of delivery of the bags if they remain unused within a determined timeframe, or in the case of the bag containing unacceptable items. See the 'How it works' section above for details of fees for non-compliant use of the bulky kerbside service.

Can I call the City of Gold Coast to book a FLEXiSKiP?

No, the City cannot book a service on your behalf.  All bookings are managed by our service partner, FLEXiSKiP by Handel

My FLEXiSKiP hasn’t arrived yet and I wish to cancel my booking, what do I do?

If you wish to cancel your order you will need to do so within seven days from receipt of the confirmation email. This can be done directly with FLEXiSKiP by Handel via email or phone  07 5619 5221.

My FLEXiSKiP has arrived but I no longer need it. Can I give it to another household to use?

No, the FLEXiSKiP that has delivered to your property uses GPS registration, and the QR code on the bag will not activate a skip collection at any property other than the one it was initially delivered to.  The resident who originally ordered the bag may incur a fee if the FLEXiSKiP is moved to an alternate property.”

What if I am not home when my FLEXiSKiP is delivered?

You do not need to be home to receive your FLEXiSKiP parcel. All FLEXiSKiP parcels are dispatched with an "authority to leave" approval. This means Fastway couriers will leave the FLEXiSKiP at the front door or a safe place close by. If there is no safe place, a Fastway courier card is left with instructions on where you can collect your FLEXiSKiP.

Where do I set my FLEXiSKiP up?

Your FLEXiSKiP must be placed in a location within four metres of the street kerb and must not obstruct a public footpath or the roadway. Remember to make sure there are no obstructions like power lines, trees or cars as this may prevent collection.

To keep our streets beautiful and to prevent any unwanted use of your personal FLEXiSKiP, we recommend only placing your FLEXiSKiP on the kerb when you are ready to fill it. Ideally, your FLEXiSKiP should only be placed on the kerbside for a period of no longer than two weeks (including three days for collection to occur).

Non-compliance with these recommendations may be referred and investigated under applicable local laws. 

What if I have already placed items on the kerbside?

It has come to our attention that some residents have misinterpreted the new system and begun placing items on the kerbside for collection in line with previous systems.

This is not compliant with the FLEXiSKiP system being trialled. Any items placed on the kerb, not inside a FLEXiSKiP, will not be collected. They will be considered illegal dumping and local laws will apply.

Can I get assistance moving heavy items and/or filling my FLEXiSKiP?

We understand that some eligible residents may have difficulty moving heavy items and filling their FLEXiSKiP. We recommend in the first instance that residents get assistance with these tasks from an able-bodied neighbour, family member or friend.

How do I set up my FLEXiSKiP?

  1. Take your FLEXiSKiP out of the box and lay it out flat.
  2. Lift all four sides up, then fold one side out and down over itself.
  3. Fold out the remaining three sides, pushing out the bottom corners as you go.
  4. Your FLEXiSKiP is now ready to be filled.

How do I fill the FLEXiSKiP correctly?

Make sure all heavy items are below the heavy fill line. Once filled, raise all four sides. Do not overfill your FLEXiSKiP - if the two long straps can touch each other then you’re good to go.

If you don’t think you have enough material to fill a bag, consider sharing one with your neighbours, ensuring more material is recycled and recovered.

Items that are not inside the FLEXiSKiP will not be collected. Items will be considered to be illegal dumping and local laws will apply.

Where can I take items that are not acceptable for kerbside collection?

Most items that are not acceptable for kerbside collection can be disposed of free of charge (conditions apply. e.g. load limits) at one of the City’s waste and recycling centres. Please refer to our Landfill disposal fees table for items that attract a charge, including asbestos and tyres. Visit our Disposal of asbestos page for details of the requirements for the correct disposal of this extremely hazardous material.

Can I request a second FLEXiSKiP?

No. There are a limited number of FLEXiSKiPs available to eligible residents. Each eligible resident may only book the service once for their property during 2021.

If I see something in someone else’s FLEXiSKiP, can I take it?

We strongly discourage scavenging as there are significant health and safety implications associated with this behaviour. Any scavenging activity is undertaken at the individual's own risk.

How does the collection process work?

You have 30 days from delivery to your property to fill your FLEXiSKiP to arrange for it to be collected. Once you have booked your collection, your FLEXiSKiP will be collected within three business days. If any issues arise in the collection process, simply contact FLEXiSKiP by Handel via email or phone 07 5619 5221.

What are the safety obligations?

When putting out the FLEXiSKiP for collection, please remember:

  • keep the bag on the kerb without obstructing the footpath or roadway
  • ensure that no materials containing asbestos are placed in the skip or on the kerb for collection
  • items must be secured if severe weather is expected
  • scavenging is not advised. Scavenging activity being undertaken is at the individual's own risk.

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