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Vegetation management

City of Gold Coast protects trees and vegetation on private land to preserve our city's character, amenity, biodiversity, historical and ecological values.

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Tree removal

The preservation of trees and vegetation within the City is managed by the Vegetation Management Code from the City Plan. This code seeks to protect and manage assessable vegetation located on private, freehold land, to facilitate sustainable development of the city and ensure the protection of the Gold Coast's biodiversity and ecological values, landscape character and amenity.

There are a number of checks to be conducted to gauge the health of the tree on both private and public land before determining if damage or other action is appropriate. Remember the removal of a tree will not be permitted simply because it drops leaves or twigs, or is a particular species.

Prior to undertaking vegetation clearing works, landowners are advised to review any state and federal government vegetation clearing requirements.

Private land (your property)

A simple checklist can be completed to determine if an approval is required for removing a tree on your property. 

Public land (City land)

The City controls tree and vegetation planting and maintenance on public land including most road reserves, in parks and the City’s conservation estates.

Vegetation and solar energy systems

Existing vegetation overshadowing should be considered prior to the installation of new solar energy systems.

Report unlawful removal of trees

Report the unlawful removal of trees (a tree breach) on private or public property by completing our online form. (Note: If the tree breach is occurring now, please call us as soon as possible on 07 5667 5991).

Removal of pest species vegetation

Residents are permitted to damage or remove vegetation if the works fit within the pest species criteria within the City Plan.

Hiring an arborist or tree contractor

Find information on hiring an arborist or tree contactor.