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Sewerage and recycled water

Your sewage is piped to one of the city's four sewage treatment plants and treated to a high grade recycled water which can be used for non-drinking purposes.

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Recycled water for commercial users

Recycled water carriers

City of Gold Coast operates a recycled water carrier program which allows registered customers to access recycled water for a number of uses including irrigation, dust suppression and road works.

Customers must complete a Recycled water carrier agreement application form and submit the form to begin the approval process. Applications must include:

  • proof of backflow certification for each vehicle being registered
  • proof of current public liability insurance to $10 million.

All customers accessing, carting and administering recycled water must have undertaken the City's recycled water training course and participate in annual refresher training courses.

The City operates 10 recycled water filling stations available to recycled water carriers.

Non-residential connection to the recycled water network

The City of Gold Coast operates a number of recycled water networks to supply industrial and irrigation customers with recycled water.

Customers who are interested in connecting to a recycled water network should complete and submit the expression of interest application form.

This will commence investigations into whether a connection can be made.

Recycled water quality

Recycled water is treated and monitored at sewage treatment plants in accordance with Queensland legislation.

At a minimum, recycled water quality must meet standards set under the Public Health Regulation 2005 Sections 3C and 3D (see table below).

Class Test Annual value found in 95% of samples over 12 months
A+ E.Coli cfu/100mL <1
Clostridium perfringens cfu/100mL <1
F-RNA bacteriophages pfu/100mL <1
Somatic coliphages pfu/100mL <1
Free chlorine mg/L >0.5
Turbidity NTU <2
C E.coli cfu/100mL <1000

The City provides a range of recycled water qualities which dictate the use of the product.

Recycled water training

All non-residential customers using recycled water, with the exception of those connected to the Class A+ recycled water network, must undertake the City's recycled water training course.

The training course provides attendees with an understanding of:

  • appropriate uses of recycled water
  • safe practices when handling recycled water
  • roles and responsibilities
  • supply points.

If you would like to make a booking for recycled water training, please contact us on 1300 000 928 or 07 5667 5801.

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