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Waste and recycling on the Gold Coast

Information about waste and recycling services on the Gold Coast is available in one central location.

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Sorting loads

Your local waste and recycling centres accept a variety of materials, many of which are recycled into new products. By taking the time to sort your load before you leave home, you can save yourself plenty of time when you arrive at the waste and recycling centre.

Help make your mark on the environment by making the most of our recycling centres.

The smart way to load

  • Always keep similar materials grouped together in sections of your trailer.
  • Always place green organic waste and timber on the sides and scrap metal on the top, then rubbish to the rear of your load. This allows you to recycle your load more efficiently at the waste and recycling centre.

Cover your load

  • Help keep our streets clean and roads safe by always covering and securing the load with tie-downs or rope. Remember littering is an offence. Penalties apply.

The wrong way to load

  • Never throw waste items onto the ute or trailer in an unsorted, unsafe manner.
  • Never drive with unsecured loads.
  • Unsorted loads and poorly placed waste items can pose a risk to other road users and the environment.
  • Unsorted waste loads are more difficult to separate at the recycling centre.

To learn more about trailer load height limits, disposal charges, concessions and other information, read our Waste disposal charges and concessions page.

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