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We have one of Australia's most biodiverse cities. Let's explore, celebrate and work together to protect it for the future.

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Stormwater safety awareness

Stormwater and floodwater safety

Severe weather and flash floods are a dangerous reality of our summer storm season. In fact, given our tropical climate and topography, the Gold Coast has traditionally been one of Queensland's hot spot for motorists rescued from flooded causeways. Driving through flooded roads can be fatal. If it's flooded, forget it.

Visit QLD Traffic or our City dashboard for accurate and timely traffic and road condition information to help you make informed travel decisions.

Wet or dry also remember to stay away from stormwater drains, pipes and flash floods. Even if the weather is dry, stormwater drains are still very dangerous. The dangers when entering a flooded road or causeway include:

  • being washed from a causeway - it only takes a small amount of water to wash a car off the road, even a four wheel drive
  • getting snagged in rising water by pot holes and submerged debris
  • stalling in rising water
  • collapsed causeways and roads washed away without warning.

If an animal or person gets caught in a stormwater drain or flash flood, phone Queensland Fire and Rescue Service immediately on Triple zero (000).

Stormwater Safety education program

This curriculum linked safety program aims to save lives by educating primary aged students on the dangers of playing in stormwater drains and flash floods. The free stormwater safety teaching resources are designed for children from grades three to seven, and include printable activities and fact sheets.

The teacher’s kit is available for download. Tailor the information to your lessons plans, print out the interactive activities, and teach the kids all about stormwater safety.

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