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Fire hydrant condition assessment - update 1

Project duration:
1 January 2017 – 1 April 2017

Hours of work:
Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm
excluding public holidays

Ref. 54877401 and 54791857

Project details:
Condition assessments of council owed fire hydrants in the Mermaid Waters, Mermaid Beach, Clear Island Waters, Robina, Palm Beach and Elanora areas.

Public impact:
Water pressure and flow testing may cause minor temporary water discolouration. Should this occur, please flush your water service before washing laundry to avoid staining. This can be achieved by running the tap furthest from the water meter for several minutes until the water runs clear. If air is trapped in the hot and/or cold water plumbing, it can be similarly flushed out.

For more information please see our project page for testing of fire hydrants in the Gold Coast Region or please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 000 928 or 07 5667 5801 if you are experiencing any issues.

Areas affected:

  • Mermaid Waters
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Clear Island Waters
  • Robina
  • Palm Beach
  • Elanora


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