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Flooded road signage - Clagiraba Road, Clagiraba

Traffic management officer holding slow sign

Completed: November 2019
Cost: $500,000

Project information

Works undertaken to improve motorist safety during flood events. These works include the installation of new technology and flooded road signage on Clagiraba Road.

The new technology will detect when the road is flooded and automatically provide an alert to approaching motorists via the electronic signage. The new equipment is solar-powered, ensuring that the system will operate in low light and wet weather conditions.

Construction details

This project included the installation of:

  • electronic signage
  • road safety cameras
  • solar panels
  • flood detectors
  • and telemetry facilities.

Benefits to the community

The benefits to the community include:

  • improved safety for motorists in the event of flooding
  • motorists are informed the roadway is unusable prior to their arrival at the causeway.

More information

For more information contact the Project Manager on 07 5582 9433.

Area of impact


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