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There are times when computer users struggle to see or read information on their monitors due to a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are easy remedies that can be used to improve screen readability. Below you will find information on ways to make your screen easier to see, including how to make the font bigger, magnify everything on your screen, zoom your browser and fine-tune screen resolution.

Enlarging text

You can increase the default font size on this site by selecting the 'Increase Font' icon, situated above the main page content. This will increase the default font size for all primary content.

Increase Font Example

Once the 'Increase font' option has been selected, the font size will remain increased on all pages until you either 'Reset' the font or leave the site.

Magnify screen

Microsoft Windows includes features such as a built-in magnifier. The magnifier zoom level and focus can be adjusted to wherever or whatever you would like to magnify.

To activate Windows Magnifier, simply click the 'Start' button, point to 'All Programs', point to 'Accessories', and then click 'Accessibility'.

Click 'Magnify' to open the 'Magnifier' dialog box. Adjust the level of magnification by using the plus (‘+’) or minus (‘-‘) signs.

Please note, steps to launch the magnifier may vary depending on your operating system.

For more information, refer to the operating system guides in Related Information - External Links below.

Browser zoom

Most modern browsers recognise the accessibility need for browser zoom and offer features to increase the size of text and pictures on the web page. Browser zoom can be used by following the below steps:

  • Use a browser that supports zooming such as Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.
  • Press 'Ctrl' and '+' to zoom in.
  • Press 'Ctrl' and '-' to zoom out.
  • Press 'Ctrl' and '0' to restore the original size.

Alternatively, most modern browsers also support scroll wheel zoom by holding 'Ctrl' and cycling the scroll wheel on your mouse if available.

Improve screen resolution

Screen resolution can impact the clarity of text and images on your computer screen. Higher resolution monitors display items in a sharper, smaller view, allowing more items to fit on the screen. Lower resolution monitors, display less items but are larger and easier to see.

For more information on changing your screen resolution, please refer to the guides in the 'External links' below. 

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