gold coast planning scheme

Note: The Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 Version 1.2 Amended January 2010 is now a superseded Planning Scheme but is still available for viewing.
To view the current version of the Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003, go to

Version History

The Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 Version 1.2 Amended January 2010 commenced on 25 January 2010 and includes Amendment 5, Amendment 8 - Priority Infrastructure Plan Water Supply and Wastewater Networks Amendment and Minor Amendment 6. These amendments include a number of general changes across the Planning Scheme to mapping, codes, definitions, tables of development, and other parts of the Planning Scheme.

In addition to general amendments, the Priority Infrastructure Plan (Part 8 of the Planning Scheme) has also been updated to include the Water Supply and Wastewater Networks.

Note: Only pages that contain an endorsed amendment will reference Ver.1.2 Amended Jan 2010 in the footer. All other pages will reference Ver.1.2 in the footer.

The table below provides further information relating to status, key dates and versioning of the Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003.

Planning Scheme VersionCurrent StatusDate the Planning Scheme Amendment was AdoptedDate the Planning Scheme Version Commenced
Version 1.2 Amended January 2010Current 11 December 200925 January 2010
external link Version 1.2Superseded 11 December 2006 - Amendment 3
23 July 2007 – Amendment 2
8 December 2008 – Oxenford LAP
11 May 2009
external link Version 1.1 Amended January 2007Superseded 11 December 2006 8 January 2007
external link Version 1.1Historic 29 November 20047 March 2005
external link Version 1.0Historic 6 June 2003 18 August 2003

Note: In accordance with s.2.1.7 of the Integrated Planning Act 1997, amendments to a planning scheme will have effect on and from the day the adoption of the amendment is notified in the gazette, or if a later day for the commencement of the amendment is stated in the amendment, the later day.