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Hinterland Regional Park environmental offset

Commencing: November 2020
Completion: July 2021

The City will be delivering a planting project within identified priority conservation areas of Hinterland Regional Park. The project will see koala habitat trees and endemic plants planted to offset environmental impacts in accordance with City Plan. Hinterland Regional Park is part of a known fauna corridor with sightings of healthy koalas occurring in the park.

Project description

  • The planting of approximately 10,000 plants
  • Ongoing maintenance and assisted restoration (weed control) of existing vegetation and planting areas.

Project benefits

  • An increase in the number of koala food tree and habitat trees within the park
  • improving koala habitat and connectivity through the park
  • restoration of endemic plant communities
  • improve the amenity of the parkland through increased tree planting and weed control.

Project impacts

There is expected to be minimal impacts to parks users. Plantings will be staged for November 2020 and March 2021 weather permitting. Please be aware of any temporary signage or track exclusions that may facilitate the works.

If you see a koala, whether it be healthy, sick, injured or deceased, please report your sighting at Your sighting report will provide us with valuable information about koala distribution and habitat and help our conservation planning not just for this site but across the city.

Affected areas

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