For kids

Mum and daughter reading

Using the library with children is a great way to support and encourage a love of reading and books.

You and your child can access a range of resources, to borrow from our libraries or by downloading and streaming.

If you haven't tuned in to one of our Virtual Storytimes, you're missing out! Watch a selection now on our YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook for new storytimes as they're released.

Kids eLibrary

Our eLibrary for kids has lots of ebooks and eAudiobooks all in one kid-friendly place, including the OverDrive for kids website. OverDrive is moving to the Libby app, you can download this for free through your app store to take the fun with you wherever you go.

For parents

Make your child's first card a library card! Children can become Gold Coast Libraries members from the day they're born, and we encourage you to join them online at the earliest opportunity.

Our library resources offer plenty of ways you can build a strong foundation for your child's future development online and at home. Visit your library or our eLibrary for kids to explore our great resources.

When and how to read

Try to create a time for reading with your child every day. Storytime can be any time of the day for you at home and it's a wonderful way to create quality one-on-one time for you and your child. It isn't just about reading books word-for-word or page-for-page; it can be a conversation between you and your child about what you both see in the book.

It's never too early to start reading to your baby

Find a time of day when your baby is alert and interested in what's happening around them. Try to look at both them and the book, to see what they're looking at and showing an interest in. Point to the pictures and talk about the things your baby is looking at. Try to use your voice in different ways to make the story time as interesting as possible - loud and soft, happy and sad. If you find books your baby loves, read them over and over.

Enjoy the experience

Above all, enjoy the reading experience with your child. There are no set rules - you don't have to say the words written on the page, you can make up stories to go along with the pictures. Make sharing books with your child as much fun as possible, and of course, encourage them to enjoy all the amazing resources and opportunities available from their library!

First 5 Forever

First 5 Forever is an initiative of the Queensland Government, coordinated by the State Library of Queensland. It's a program providing strong early literacy foundations for all Queensland children aged 0-5 years. Explore articles, tips and activities to make the most of your child's first five years.

Storytime at home

Our Virtual Storytimes

If you and your littlies are missing our storytimes at libraries, join us on our Facebook page for our Virtual Storytimes! You can also watch all previous stories on our YouTube channel, anytime!

Story Box Library

We have even more storytimes, on Story Box Library, which you can access free with your library card! Watch celebrated stories read aloud by favourite storytellers, authors, illustrators, sports people and more.

Picture Books

Picture Books are available to download via OverDrive. Books and stories spark your child's imagination, stimulate curiosity and support brain development. Try one of these picture books with your little one. Spend time talking about the pictures on the page rather than just reading the words. It's okay to read slowly, skip pages, talk about the pictures and not finish the book.

We have also put together some special selections of our favourite picture books to read with your little one at home! Why not try a title from our Gold Coast Libraries Storytime Collection or our selection of Classic Picture Books.

Download the Libby app to get started! You can read yourself or choose titles that are read aloud.

School holidays

Group of kids facing sustainability logos

Kids go eco at Gold Coast Libraries these school holidays!

It’s your future – you design it! Redesign eco-friendly elements for communities, schools and homes at one of our BOP Industries workshops and explore further into what sustainability can look like at one of our interactive library activities sessions.

Extend your library experiences at home with great reads on how to create a green future for you, your family, and your community.

For more information and fun activities, download a copy of our Kids Go Eco school holiday brochure(PDF, 26MB).

What's on

Gold Coast Libraries runs a wide range of free programs and events for kids, including school holiday activities.