Author Series: Candice Fox

Candice Fox is back with another nail-biter exploring what happens when the city’s heroes become criminals in Devil’s Kitchen.

Candice Fox will be in conversation at our Robina Library to chat about her new book Devil’s Kitchen that takes readers into the heart of the NYC Fire Department. Discover more about the meticulous research she undertook into the dark underbelly of firefighting America, that led her to walking into firehouses across the city hoping to find firefighters who would speak to her.

New York’s Engine 99 aren’t just the heroes they appear to be, they have also stolen millions from banks, jewellery stores and art galleries, becoming the most successful heist crew on the East Coast. When undercover operative Andy starts hunting the men of Engine 99 for their crimes, including the murder of an off-duty cop and the disappearance of a mother a child, loyalties fray and Andy’s job infiltrating this group of so-called ‘heroes’ is becoming her most dangerous of all.

Candice Fox is the author of 10 best-selling crime novels, and the winner of 3 prestigious Ned Kelly Awards. She has also co-written seven New York Times bestsellers with James Patterson – one of the world’s best thriller writers.

A meticulous researcher, Candice immerses herself into her writing projects, with her research taking her to prison, interviewing a serial killer on Death Row, and on a road trip in the US investigating famous crime scenes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the witty Candice live at our Robina Library, as she shares her research to writing journey, and insight into her thrilling plots that have branded her as Australia’s crime queen.