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Health and wellbeing programs

Social connections

City Libraries offer a range of programs and events that can help keep you healthy and socially connected.

Sessions cover a range of topics including diet, exercise, natural therapies, mental health and wellbeing, and yoga.

Some libraries also offer film clubs, book clubs,  board game sessions, trivia and senior social events that provide opportunities to socialise and engage with other people over common interests.

See the full range of social connections programs offered in our Calendar of events.

Living Book program

Living Books

Each month, City Libraries across the Gold Coast come alive with stories presented by Living Books. Living Books are actual people who share their story to a group and can represent different cultures, religions, beliefs and challenges. During the live reading of the story, readers can ask questions and the Living Book will explain more about themselves or their experiences. Bookings can be made via the City Libraries events calendar, search 'Living Book'. 

For information on how to become a Living Book, please view the Living Book presenter guide and expression of interest form.