Reading with your baby tips

Reading with your baby tips

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby

Books are a great way to entertain your baby as well as a wonderful way to build a relationship with your child in the first months of life. But there are even more important reasons to read to your baby as early as possible.

Research has shown that 75 per cent of brain development occurs between birth and the age of three. Being read to from the day they are born helps children develop essential pre-literacy skills.

When and how to read

Try to create a time for reading with your child every day when your baby is alert and showing interest in what is happening around them.

When reading, try to look at both the book and your baby. This allows you to see what your child is looking at and what they are showing an interest in. Point to the pictures and talk about the things your baby is looking at. When reading aloud, try to use your voice in many ways to make the story time as interesting for your baby as possible – loud and soft, happy and sad.

If you find books your baby loves, read them over and over. The length of time your baby will be able to attend to a story will grow over time, so make reading time a regular habit.

You do not have to say the words that are written on the page – you can make up stories to go along with the pictures. Make sharing books with your baby as much fun as possible.

Don't forget to have a look at our events calendar for information on our regular Baby rhyme time sessions at your local library.

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