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Local laws

Under the Local Government Act, the City has powers to make and enforce local laws. View or download the City’s adopted local law making processes.

Our local laws reflect community needs to ensure safety, harmony and good rule. They govern such things as parking, swimming pools, meetings, business advertising and animal management.  

Current and repealed local laws

Council undertook a review of its local laws and, at the Council meeting on 4 April 2014, resolved to make amendments to the majority of its local laws.

Under the Local Government Act, Council is required to have a Register of Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws.

The commencement/effect date for Council's local laws and subordinate local laws made in 2011 under the Local Government Act 2009 is the date the Gazette Notice appears in the Local Government Gazette Publication.

However, for laws made under the previous Local Government Act 1993 (i.e. prior to 2011), the Gazette date applies only to local laws and refers to the date the local laws took effect. For subordinate local laws made under the Local Government Act 1993 (i.e. prior to 2011), the commencement/effect date is the date an advertisement was published in the local newspaper.

Community consultation on local laws

When a change to an existing local law, or a new local law, is proposed, a period of formal community consultation on the proposed change takes place. You can check if any local laws are open for community consultation by visiting our Community engagement page.

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