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Miami Aquatic Centre redevelopment


The Miami Aquatic Centre is an outstanding sports facility that has serviced the community exceptionally well for many decades. It has been the breeding ground for dozens of champion swimmers including Grant Hackett and Giaan Rooney and has the City’s second highest aquatic centre patronage with more than 350,000 patrons annually.

Established in 1976, the centre has remained relatively unchanged since its construction. We’re now swimming ahead to deliver an $18 million contemporary, integrated aquatic centre that will provide increased lap swimming and learn to swim facilities by early 2021. This will include:

  • a new, multi-functional 10-lane pool, in keeping with high performance classification
  • a new learn to swim pool
  • a new reception and administration area, café and retail lounge, first aid and public amenity building.

The contract has been awarded to Hutchinson Builders and works are due for completion in early 2021.

Construction timeframes and impacts

  • Minor works commenced in December 2019.
  • Major construction works commenced in January 2020.
  • The 10-lane 50-metre pool and change amenities are now open after temporarily closing during COVID-19 restrictions. The temporary learn to swim pool is also open.
  • All other facilities continue to be closed due to construction.
  • The entry and kiosk was moved to the left of the centre in January.
  • Wayfinding signage is in place to guide visitors.
  • Normal truck movements continue to occur in and around the site with some temporary road closures on Sonia Street from time to time.
  • For program changes affecting you or your family, please check with the pool manager Rackley Swimming to confirm.

Construction deliverables

  • The new 10-lane 50-metre Olympic pool shell is nearing completion.
  • The new learn-to-swim pool shell is complete.
  • The administration building and carpark under construction.

Construction images

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Construction facts

  • This project has employed 700 workers.
  • The new 50-metre pool required 420 cubic metres of concrete.
  • It will take 2,371,000 litres of water to fill which will take five days.
  • All material selected is corrosion resistant.

Project updates

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Frequently asked questions

Why is the Miami Aquatic Centre being redeveloped?

The Miami Aquatic Centre has had only minor changes since its original construction in 1976. Like all pieces of infrastructure, they need maintaining and developing to continue to provide a service to the local community. The centre is tiring and it's in need of a facelift to improve the overall experience for community.

In 20 years the population of the surrounding area is expected to grow by 40,000 people. The Gold Coast is a health conscious city and we’re getting on the front foot to meet the needs of our growing community.

What will the redevelopment include?

  • The original eight-lane 50-metre outdoor pool will be replaced with a new 10-lane high-performance classified pool with ramp.
  • A new learn to swim pool.
  • A new entry, reception and administration area, first aid and public amenities.

What will remain open during construction?

The 10-lane 50-metre pool and change amenities will remain open during construction.

My child does learn to swim. Can they continue to do so?

The pool manager Rackleys is building a temporary learn to swim pool to cater to existing user groups.

Will the Miami Aquatic Centre cater for high-performance athletes in the future?

The redevelopment will include upgraded swimming facilities suitable for high-performance training and competition meets and learn to swim facilities.

Subject to funding over the next five to 10 years there is potential for the centre to include health and wellness services, high-performance water spaces and facilities and retail options.

How much is the redevelopment going to cost?

The redevelopment will cost approximately $18 million.

When will work commence?

Site preparation works and construction have now commenced.

When will the redevelopment be complete?

It’s expected that the new facilities will be open to the public in early 2021.

Will there be an indoor lap pool?

The indoor pool is a warm water program pool. Its predominant use will be for learn to swim programs and will be heated to a temperature that supports group therapy and gentle exercise. It will have full disability access.

The new 50-metre pool will also have a disability access ramp and 30 per cent shade coverage.

Will grandstand seating be available at the facility to accommodate event and competition spectators?

Existing mobile grandstand seating will continue to be utilised throughout the facility to accommodate spectators.

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City of Gold Coast and the aquatic centre's management is liaising with existing pool user groups and other stakeholders to assist with interim arrangements and to minimise disruption during construction. This exciting project forms part of a greater vision for our City's health and recreation facilities and we look forward to providing you with further updates as the project progresses.

Follow the Miami Aquatic Centre or Rackley Swimming Miami Facebook pages to find out more.

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