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Beihai is a coastal city located in the Guangxi province and has become an important seaside tourism city in the south of China. Also known as ‘The Pearl City’ for its production of the south pearl, Beihai characterises itself as a modern city, while still retaining its traditional features. The city is home to the biggest extinct volcanic island in China, Weizhou Island, and has a diverse range of cuisines.

The city is also home to the biggest extinct volcanic island in China on Weizhou Island and has a diverse range of cuisines due to its close proximity to Vietnam.

Discover Beihai

Beihai’s subtropical climate, beautiful beaches – including the famous Silver Beach - and coral reefs make the city a popular holiday destination well known for its fresh seafood and southern pearls. There are some gourmet food streets not to miss including Beihai Waisha Island (seafood), Changqing Road (barbeque food stalls) and Wuzai Village (Sichuan, Hunan and Guizhou food). Visit Beihai Tourism to find out more.

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