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Austinville Landcare Group

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What is Landcare?

The Gold Coast's beautiful natural environment allows us to enjoy a lifestyle like no other city. By volunteering in a Landcare group you can help protect and enhance our natural areas by participating in activities such as identifying and controlling weeds, identifying and encouraging native species, maintaining your site and planting native trees where required. You can actively play a part by joining the Austinville Landcare Group.

About Austinville Landcare Group
The Austinville Landcare Group was established in November 2005. It partners with the Natural Areas Management Unit under the Beaches to Bushland, Volunteer Landcare Program. The group assists with the restoration of City-managed Austinville Community Park and Austinville Conservation Area along the upper reaches of Mudgeeraba Creek. The group's activities consist of environmental weed control and planting native riparian species.

The Austinville Valley is located between Mudgeeraba and Springbrook. It was previously known for banana farming but is now known for its beautiful rainforests and stunning creeks. The group’s main focus is on the riparian areas along Mudgeeraba Creek, with activities including weed control and revegetation.

The vegetation along these sections of Mudgeeraba Creek is classed as Regional Ecosystem type 12.3.2. This vegetation type is characterised by the presence of the canopy tree, Flooded Gum. This 'of concern' community is found in alluvial flats amongst hilly terrain, in the southern half of the Gold Coast where there is more rainfall.


Group achievements

The group has restored and significantly improved the natural environment within Austinville Community Park through environmental weed management and planting approximately 6000 plants over approximately a hectare of land. The group has now relocated to a second site at Austinville Conservation Area. As a consolidated group they have also been very successful in applying for and receiving government grants to restore other parts of Mudgeeraba Creek, including a recent grant to rehabilitate and restore private land adjoining the creek line over a two kilometre section. The group was also successful in obtaining an Envirofund grant from Southeast Queensland Catchments that allowed them to aerial map areas of weed infestation in the Austinville Valley. This mapping showed parts of Mudgeeraba Creek having high infestations of Madeira Vine and other environmental weeds.

Working bees are on the last Sunday of the month from February to November.

Time: 8am - 10am
Place: Austinville Conservation Area, 621 Austinville Road
Register: You need to register prior to attending to secure a spot and receive the full details of the event. Please refer to our Beaches to Bushland calendar for further details.

Alternatively you can contact our Natural Areas Management Unit on 07 5581 1537 or for further information.

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