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Cats are wonderful companions and are a popular pet choice. Highly adaptable and flexible, cats fit into domestic life easily.

You do not need to register your cat, however you must comply with a number of legislative and environmental health requirements.

As a responsible cat owner you must:

Fines are in place for those who disregard the regulations. Find our more on our Laws, breaches and fines page.

Desexing has many benefits and will help your cat live a healthier and longer life:

Keeping cats happy

Keep your cats happy and healthy by creating an interesting environment for its physical, mental and social needs, such as:

Contain your cat safely on your property

It is your responsibility to provide a secure escape-proof fence or enclosure. A roaming cat is in danger of becoming lost, injured or killed. It can spread disease, harm wildlife and may disrupt neighbours.

One penalty unit applies for a breach of this requirement.

There are many options available to keep your cat contained to your property:

Learn more about keeping cats happy with useful information in our Keeping cats safe fact sheets.

More information

For Animal Management enquiries, contact us on 07 5667 5990.

If a cat is causing problems in your area, you can contact us or visit Report a problem – Animals and complete an online form.

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