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Community Grants Program

The Community Grants Program (which includes multiple year funding agreements) is allocated funding each financial year to support community organisations to deliver projects that are in the public interest and that benefit Gold Coast residents.

Funding for this program is allocated by Council resolution via two competitive funding rounds per financial year. Applications for multiple year funding agreements are also received via this program.

Multiple year funding agreements are only to be considered in the following circumstances:

A multiple year funding agreement is an agreement between Council and successful applicants (community organisations) to provide a resolved amount of grant funds for a specified number of years for a particular purpose. A multiple year funding agreement entered into between Council and successful community organisations will contain specific terms and conditions regarding project delivery and acquittal requirements. Applications for multiple year funding agreements are subject to Council approval.

To apply for a multiple year funding agreement, refer to the application link below.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

Ineligible applicants are defined under Council’s Community Grants Policy as:

Project requirements

Applicants must be able to:

Program opening and closing dates

Applications for Community Grants Program and Multiple Year Fund Agreements are received via two rounds each January and July.

Community Grants Program & Multiple Year Funding Agreements Opening date Closing date
Round 1 1 July 31 July
Round 2 1 January 31 January

Funding available

Applications from $1,000 to $20,000 are welcomed.

Please note, minimum and maximum grant amounts do not apply to applications for Multiple Year Funding Agreements.

Acquittal requirements

All projects funded by the Community Grants Program must be acquitted within eight weeks of project completion or 12 months from the date of remittance of funds (whichever is earlier).

Any unspent or unacquitted funds must be returned to Council along with the acquittal report.

More information

Contact us: Community Grants Administrator

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