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Dog Microchip

Under State Government laws for pet owners, microchipping is compulsory when acquiring a cat or a dog in Queensland from 1 July 2009. All cats and dogs are required to be microchipped from 8 weeks of age and over.

If you become an owner of a cat or dog that is not implanted with a prescribed permanent identification device (PPID), you must ensure the cat or dog is implanted before it is 12 weeks of age.

Microchipping is a permanent means of identification which helps the City of Gold Coast fast track the safe return of many lost cats and dogs across the city every year.

Inserting the small microchip is a very quick and relatively painless process for your precious pooch or favourite feline and is available from vets across the Gold Coast and the Animal Welfare League.

What's more, under the new laws you may be subject to a fine if your pet is impounded and can not be identified. It is also compulsory for all dogs to be registered.

Information on microchipping can be obtained from your local vet.

You should contact the operators of the appropriate nation-wide database on which your cat or dog is listed to update your contact details:

Database Phone Website
Australasian Animal Registry 1800 025 461
02 9704 1450
Central Animal Records Recovery line: 1800 333 202
Administration: 03 9706 3187
Global Micro Animal Registry 02 8338 9063
HomesafeID 1300 537 140
Petsafe 02 8850 6800
1800 989 989

Alternatively, if you are relocating interstate from New South Wales, please contact NSW Pet Registry on 1300 134 460 to update your contact details. You will need to register your microchip details with a nationwide database listed above.

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