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Renewable energy projects

City of Gold Coast is involved in a number of projects to create renewable energy, to minimise the impact of its operations on non-renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the future, the City will investigate further opportunities for small and large scale renewable energy as it strives to meet emission reduction targets.


A total of 16 kilowatts of grid-connected solar panels have been installed at Southport Broadwater Parklands and a further two kilowatts of grid-connected solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Nerang Library. Other smaller solar panels are used by the City around the Gold Coast at remote locations such as water quality monitoring sites.

Pimpama Sports Hub, to be completed by mid-2021, will be Australia’s first 100 per cent energy self-sufficient sporting and community hub with a combination of solar power, battery storage and co-generation systems.


The Rocky Point Cogeneration Plant is a good example of a biomass plant in the Gold Coast which receives some green waste from the City. The Wastewater Treatment Plant at Elanora incorporates a cogeneration plant by capturing the methane released from the decaying organic matter. Several City landfill sites also capture methane and burn it in generators to produce grid connected electricity. Generators are located at Molendinar, Suntown and Stapylton.


A 13 kilowatt micro-hydro turbine generator has been located downstream of the Hinze Dam. This facility operates in conjunction with the environmental flow releases of water from the dam.

Regenerative energy

The City has a number of hybrid vehicles in its fleet which reduces the volume of fossil fuel consumed compared to normal vehicles.


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