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Gold Coast Youth Plan 2020

'Gold Coast Youth Plan 2020 - A plan to embrace our young potential' was adopted by Council on 18 October 2016.

The Plan provides a strategic framework for the delivery of City services to the growing number of young people living in the city. It highlights key City programs and activities for young people, and includes a number of new initiatives for the future.

It is centred on the themes of Place, People and Prosperity included in the Gold Coast 2020, the City’s corporate plan.

“In 2050 I’ll be 51. Today’s 12 year olds will be 47 and there will be 1.2 million people on the Gold Coast. What the City of Gold Coast plans for today will shape my future."
- Zuzana 2015 Junior Mayor

“Ours is a young city, we have energy and drive, a spirit that is young at heart. In delivering this plan we will embrace promise, we’ll work with partners to deliver services and programs and create a network of support and encouragement”
- Mayor Tom Tate

View and download the Gold Coast Youth Plan 2020 (PDF 2.9mb)


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