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Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022

Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022

View the Gold Coast 2022 Corporate Plan to find out more about
how we are bringing the City Vision to life.

Gold Coast 2022 (the City's Corporate Plan) supports the delivery of the City Vision through three themes – Place, Prosperity and People.

Download or view the complete Gold Coast 2022 document.

Gold Coast 2022 describes the outcomes we are working towards; our key plans and programs; how our strategies support the plan; and the signature actions the City aims to deliver over the next few years.

Implementation of the plan is supported by robust planning, responsible management and the active engagement of the community.

City Vision

Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity.
Gold Coast 2022

Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022


  • Our city provides a choice of liveable places.
  • We live in balance with nature.
  • We manage our resources for a sustainable future.
  • We get around the city easily.
  • We are an active digital city.
  • Our modern centres create vibrant communities.
  • Everyone can enjoy a beach experience.
  • Our city is resilient to natural hazards.
Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022


  • Our city's economy is diverse and innovative.
  • We have a thriving cultural economy.
  • We have infrastructure that supports productivity and growth.
  • We are a city with a strong and globally competitive business environment.
  • We are a globally recognised tourism destination.
  • We have a positive global reputation.
Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022


  • Our city is safe.
  • We are proud of our city.
  • Our community is inclusive and supportive.
  • Our city embraces culture every day.
  • Our city provides a wide range of job opportunities.
  • We are an active and healthy community.

Supporting the delivery of Gold Coast 2022
We plan for the future of the city. We manage the city responsibly.
We actively engage residents, customers and visitors.

The implementation of Gold Coast 2022 is supported by key strategies such as the Culture Strategy 2023; the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031; the Ocean Beaches Strategy 2013-2023; the Economic Development Strategy 2013-2023; the Solid Waste Strategy 2024, Our Natural City Strategy, and the City Plan.

Gold Coast 2022 will be used to inform annual priorities, published in the City's Annual Plan.

Progress against the plan will be reviewed on an annual basis and published in the City’s Annual Report.

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