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Managing flood on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is subject to flood risks and past flood events have caused moderate to extensive damage to private property, community buildings, bridges and roads.

Flooding is generally understood as the inundation of land from rivers breaking their banks usually as a result of rainfall. Elevated sea levels and extreme storm tides in response to cyclonic weather events can also result in land being inundated by water.

Through detailed flood modelling, mapping, planning, mitigation and managing the stormwater network, the City of Gold Coast is committed to protecting the Gold Coast's built and natural environment against flooding.

Find all the information you need to know about managing flood on the Gold Coast.

A car driving through a flooded road with a large pothole

Flood emergencies

Learn more about floods on the Gold Coast and find practical advice for before, during and after a flood.

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Flooded suburban road

Flood level search

Find out how to obtain a Flood Level Search which summarises the available flood information on a property.

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Snapshot of a City Plan property summary on the interactive mapping tool

Flood planning level maps

Access the City Plan Interactive Mapping tool to see if your property is in the flood map area.

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Documents and plans on a desk

Flood resources

Visit our one stop shop for all the key flood resources available for both general and technical, industry use.

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Aerial view of flooded area of Gold Coast

Flood history

Learn more about the history of floods on the Gold Coast. Work with us to provide stories and photos of your own experiences.

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 Four-wheel-drive driving through a flooded road


Find out what we're doing about stormwater quality and control and how you can help.

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For more information on floods, find useful links to other government websites below.

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