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Mayor & Councillor profiles

The Gold Coast council area is divided into 14 divisions. Every four years local government elections are held. At these elections, voters from the Gold Coast choose a Councillor to represent their division. They also elect the Mayor of the City of Gold Coast.

Elected Councillors represent their community to advise Council on decisions that may impact their division.

For background information on Mayor Tom Tate view his profile page.

Background information on each City of Gold Coast Councillor is available on their profile page listed below.

To find out which division your property is in, visit our Council divisions page.

Division Representative
Division 1 Cr Mark Hammel
Division 2 Cr William Owen-Jones
Division 3 Cr Donna Gates
Division 4 Cr Cameron Caldwell
Division 5 Cr Peter Young
Division 6 Cr Brooke Patterson
Division 7 Cr Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden
Division 8 Cr Bob La Castra
Division 9 Cr Glenn Tozer
Division 10 Cr Darren Taylor
Division 11 Cr Hermann Vorster
Division 12 Cr Pauline Young
Division 13 Cr Daphne McDonald
Division 14 Cr Gail O'Neill

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