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Schools Water Conservation Program

The Schools Water Conservation Program utilises smart logging technology to conserve water, enable cost savings for schools and increase water literacy. This technology is now available to all Gold Coast schools as a water management resource, free of charge.

Access to your school’s daily water use data through an easy-to-use online account enables insight into water consumption patterns, and to identify water leaks as soon as they occur. Schools in the program receive a weekly automated summary email that enable effortless water use and leak monitoring for their school campus.

This program has connected 96 Gold Coast schools with smart logging technology and currently 75 per cent of these schools are actively engaged with their water use data. Coupled with a leak alert system, smart logging technology access has enabled a 50 per cent reduction in water leaks; with a combined saving to schools of approximately $1000 a day city-wide. We also offer site visits to schools in the program to discuss sustainable water management, deliver one-to-one data use and leak identification training and answer questions.

Every school on the Gold Coast has been fitted with smart logging technology. If your school doesn’t currently have access to this data get in touch with program staff through

Download the Schools Water Conservation Program

For more information on water conservation in schools visit the Australian Water Association Podcast Series

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