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Commercial food waste recycling service

Commercial food waste recycling service

Did you know food waste represents up to 50 per cent of the waste produced in the hospitality industry?

The City has implemented a food waste recycling service as part of its Solid Waste Strategy 2024. This service helps our commercial customers to divert as much food organic waste from landfill as possible.

The Commercial Food Waste Recycling Service launched in September 2018. It enables businesses to remove their food scraps from the general waste collection. We collect this food waste and recycle it into compost, which is then used on our local parks and gardens.

City diverted a total of 553 tonnes of food organic waste landfill during a two-stage 12 month trial. This valuable resource was returned to the city, parks and farmlands.

An eco-conscious business approach

This service provides a more economical and affordable way to dispose of commercial food waste. At the same time, it reduces the waste you send to landfill. By changing your approach to food waste management you can enhance your sustainability profile. Your customers will value and appreciate this.

The below businesses are currently participating in our commercial food waste recycling service:

We welcome your enquiry to discuss this further and assist in your recycling efforts.

Please register your interest if you would like to receive more information about this service.

Strategy initiative endorsed by Department of Environment and Science

This is a City initiative that stems from the Solid Waste Strategy 2024.

Establishing a Commercial Food Waste Recycling Service is listed as an action in the implementation plan and has also been endorsed by the Department of Environment and Science.

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