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Rethink, recreate and reshape

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change, it is critical we reduce our use of non-renewable energy. We need to rethink, recreate and reshape how we consume energy.

To help reduce our impacts, we can:

Renewable energy is 'green' energy that is sourced from natural processes. Green energy is not created by expending non-renewable fossil fuels. It is a virtually unlimited resource.

Greenhouse gases are created when electricity is produced. The most practical way for a household to reduce greenhouse gases is to purchase green energy from your electricity provider. This green energy is then converted to alternate fuel vehicles, like electric vehicles.

Like any household, the City of Gold Coast has a responsibility to change the way we use energy. We’re investing in a sustainable future by:

Renewable energy icon

Renewable energy

Did you know energy can come from multiple natural resources? From solar, through to hydro and biomass energy the Gold Coast has access to great renewable energy sources. We’ve installed solar generation on over 45 City facilities, have a cogeneration plant at Elanora Wastewater Treatment Plant and landfill gas generators at several landfill sites. Learn about the City's Pimpama Sports hub, which will be Australia’s first 100% energy self-sufficient sporting and community hub when completed.

Alternate fuel vehicles

Alternate fuel vehicles

Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) can save users 60% to 90% off  the cost of a tank of fuel and have reduced registration stamp duty? Not to mention the reduced carbon footprint! We recently introduced fully electric vehicles into our City fleet, in addition to our hybrid vehicles, and we will be installing EV charging stations at 10 locations across the city.

Energy efficient devices

Energy efficient devices

To improve our City energy and maintenance costs we’re replacing our streetlights with LED light bulbs, which use less energy. We’ve replaced over 5000 so far. Lighting units with smart capabilities have been installed at key points. These can be controlled through remote access. We’re looking to invest further in renewable energy public lighting. We're also supporting energy efficient devices and design in all City facilities.

Future state of energy

We are planning ahead to ensure we respond to the needs of a growing population. This means investing in renewable energy and technologies that create jobs and ensure we have a sustainable energy source. To find out more about what we’re doing, check out our current projects.

Download: Saving energy – current and future state percentages

Current state of energy 2020.
Future state of energy 2030.

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