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Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a free membership-based program available to landholders with one or more hectares of bushland who are interested in protecting and restoring their property's native habitat. The area of bushland can be intact or disturbed, and landholders can even designate a cleared area to restore to be eligible for the program.

As a Land for Wildlife member, you will have access to:

Land for Wildlife is just one way that we’re working with private landowners to ensure the Gold Coast remains one of the most biodiverse cities in Australia.

In south-east Queensland, the local Land for Wildlife program is fully funded and administered by local governments, including the City of Gold Coast.

To join Land for Wildlife, or find out how we can help you manage your bushland, or call 07 5582 8896.

Interested in protecting your property?

Talk to us about Voluntary Conservation Agreements that provide long-term and legally-binding protection of your property's conservation values. In return you will be eligible for financial support for bushland conservation.

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