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Recycling solutions for apartments

Improving high rise recycling

Gold Coast welcomes 11.5 million visitors annually and has around 40,000 available guest rooms. More than 18 per cent of the city's residents live in high rise apartments where these buildings traditionally have lower rates of recycling than single dwellings, townhouses or small apartment blocks. A key factor is the perceived inconvenience of accessing recycling bins. Together, we can help reduce the waste sent to our landfills.

High Rise Recycling Project

City of Gold Coast's High Rise Recycling Project is helping apartment buildings improve the amount, and quality, of recycling collected. Participating buildings make simple changes like installing new recycling bins, placing bins in new locations, putting up signs and providing residents with educational materials.

Can my building participate?

Participating buildings receive:

For more information and to register interest for our High Rise Recycling Project contact us:

Phone: 07 5667 5976

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