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Tree removal - public land

Trees on public land

We are committed to preserving and maintaining our city's valued urban forest, as well as providing space for trees to grow in our built environment. Every effort is made to preserve and protect existing trees.

The City controls tree and vegetation planting and maintenance on public land, including most road reserves in parks and in the City’s conservation estate. We make decisions regarding removal of trees on public land through the application of the Management of Trees on Council Controlled Land Policy. Where located within the City’s biodiversity areas, extra consideration will be given to the removal of trees or vegetation in accordance with the City Plan.

Prior to undertaking vegetation clearing works, landowners are advised to review any state and federal government vegetation clearing requirements.

There are a number of checks that need to be conducted to gauge the health of the tree before determining if removal, pruning or other action is appropriate. However, remember the removal of a tree will not be permitted simply because it drops leaves or twigs or is a particular species. Also, sometimes trimming a tree can cause it to become unhealthy and unstable. Only the City or our contractors are allowed to remove or prune trees on public land.

Dead, diseased or fallen trees

If you notice a tree on public, City-controlled land that is dead, diseased, or has fallen, please report it to us.

You can do this easily online - visit Report a problem - Trees, plants and vegetation, or call us 07 5667 5974 to arrange for the tree to be inspected.

General maintenance/pruning works

For general maintenance/pruning works on public, City-controlled land, please call us on on 07 5667 5974 to make a request.

Tree removal

If you are requesting a tree on public land to be removed which is maintenance related (dead/dying, dangerous or diseased) please complete the Application for tree removal on public land below.

If you are requesting a tree on public land to be removed in relation to a development/vehicle cross over, you are requested where possible to consider alternative options to avoid damage to the existing trees. Where this is not possible, you will need to submit a Combined application for operational works (vehicular crossing and vegetation clearing). The fee for this combined application is the OPW Vehicular crossing (VXO) application fee plus 50 per cent of the OPW-VXO-Tree works as outlined in the Register of fees and charges.

Payment and lodgement of this application does not constitute acceptance by the City of your request. Under certain circumstances, applications may be refused or conditions set for either compensatory net canopy loss planting or an offset payment amount, payable prior to work commencement.

To report illegal tree removal on public or private land, complete the online Report a problem - Trees, plants and vegetation form.

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