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Water meters

Every property has its own individual water meter. In duplexes, group or strata-titled properties, there may only be one meter servicing some or all dwellings.

Your water meter registers all water used at your property and is read by City of Gold Coast. Please ensure your water meter is accessible to our contractors and is clear of objects, earth and insects. Our contractors carry identification at all times.

Your water and sewerage rate notice displays the water you use as water consumption. Use our online My water dates tool to find out when your meter is due to be read and when you can expect your water bill.

Smart water meters

The City is in the initial phase of proactively converting over 4000 existing water meters to smart water meters on commercial premises. This new technology collects and transmits near real-time water-use data.

For more information please visit our Smart water meter project page.

How to locate your water meter

Most water meters are above, at, or below ground level with a plastic or metal lid marked ‘Water Meter’. They are usually found towards the front of your property, near either the left or right boundary.

If you are unable to find your water meter, please contact the City on 07 5667 5801 or 1300 000 928, or email

If you are building a property please go to the New connections section of this website.

How to read your water meter

There are many different meters in use, but with each model the black numbers register kilolitres (kL) (these are used for billing) and the red numbers register litres.

Working out your daily water usage

  1. Record the numbers from your water meter.
  2. At the same time a day later, record your water meter reading.
  3. Subtract the first reading from the second reading.
  4. This is your household's daily water usage.

Now you have your daily water usage. See our tips on how to save water.

The fact sheet About your water meter provides useful information on how to calculate your daily usage.

If you think your water meter may not be accurate, you can apply for a water meter accuracy test using the online form below.

Apply online

Alternatively, you can complete the hard copy application form below.

Don't forget to check for leaks

To check for leaks, turn off all taps and water-using appliances in and around your property, then check the water meter for signs of movement. If the dials on the meter are moving there could be a leak.

If there is no movement at the meter, take a reading and do not use any water including the toilet for at least 30 minutes, and then take another reading. If the meter reading has increased, there is a leak and you should contact your plumber. Find out more about potential water leaks.

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