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Water pressure

We aim to provide a pressure of no less than 22 metres head of water in the City’s water mains, at the point of connection to each property that is serviced by the City’s public water supply network. This is in line with the Queensland guidelines for public water supply systems. This minimum pressure achieves a balance between provision of adequate pressure, conserving water and achieving a reliable, safe and cost-effective water supply.

A water pressure of 22 metres head is equivalent to the pressure required to inflate your car tyres.

Why do we need to control water pressure in the network?

Reducing excess water pressure in the supply network has the following advantages:

  • reduced leakage from pipe joints, valves, hydrants and fittings, resulting in reduced water loss and reduced water costs;
  • reduction in burst pipes, resulting in lower repair costs and reduced water loss;
  • reduced water use for taps and showers (as well as reducing drips and washer repairs), resulting in cost savings, and
  • the lifespan of hot water cylinders is increased.

Can lower water pressures sometimes occur at your home or business?

The City’s water supply network may occasionally experience pressures lower than 22 metres head during emergency situations, for example if there has been a pipe burst that has to be repaired, or during short periods of extreme water demand.

Also, the water pressure may be further reduced within your property due to plumbing pipes that are too small or partially clogged, domestic pressure limiting devices, as well as defective shower heads, taps or other plumbing fittings.

What should you do if you suspect low pressure at your property?

Please check with your neighbours whether they are also experiencing low water pressures.

If not, the problem is likely to be with pipes or plumbing fittings within your property (on the property side of the City’s water meter), and you should call a licensed plumber to investigate.

The cost to rectify any problem on the property side of the City’s water meter will be the responsibility of the property owner/occupier.

However, if a number of your neighbours are also noticing low water pressures, then please contact the City of Gold Coast on 07 5667 5801 or 1300 000 928.

What should you do if you are having fire-system testing compliance problems?

Occasionally, fire systems will fail to deliver the expected flow and pressure for various reasons, such as:

  • could be related to internal issues (most common issue)
  • flow and pressure decreases over time
  • issue in the City’s water distribution network.

Please ensure you refer to the Fire system failure investigation guidelines before calling the City to report a problem.

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