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Gold Coast Dive Attraction

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A world-class, cost-effective and innovative approach to develop Australia’s first purpose-built reef dive attraction is a long-held catalyst project to diversify the City’s tourism offering, increase market share and boost tourism jobs. It's being delivered by the City with $2.5 million in matched funding under the Queensland Government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

A primary goal of the Gold Coast Dive Attraction is to deliver an iconic, off-shore artificial reef dive location eco-engineered to attract bio-diverse marine life. This unique underwater journey will offer a distinct experience aimed at raising the profile of the Gold Coast and Queensland as a premier, unique and innovative nature-based dive destination.

The proposed site is 3.5 kilometres south-east of the seaway and 2.5 kilometres offshore from Philip Park, Main Beach, at a depth of 30 metres. It will be less than 20 minutes from dock to dive and will provide at least three return dive charters per day. With an average of 220 diving days per year, the attraction will be a welcome addition to the City’s tourism activities.

Project scope

The Gold Coast Dive Attraction will include a purpose- built artificial reef, moorings and navigational markers to:

Economic benefits

The dive attraction will inject an estimated $32.8 million into the region’s economy (including investment costs, regional flow on and tourism benefit) during the first 10 years of operation. This will be achieved through the generation of 166,543 new overnight visitors to the Gold Coast with the specific intention of diving and/or snorkelling. These visitors will generate an additional 133,940 visitor nights that would not otherwise exist.


The investment cost, regional value added and tourism expenditure will support 80.8 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs by year 10. The dive attraction project will generate an estimated 18.3 construction FTE’s during the two-year construction period.

Project timeline

The dive attraction is being delivered under joint funding by the City and the Queensland Government. The City secured $2.5 million in matched funding under the Queensland Government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

The City is in the process of selecting an experienced contractor to design, manufacture and deploy the dive attraction including the artificial reef, moorings and navigational markers. The City aims to have the dive attraction operational by June 2021.

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