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Heavy vehicle parking permit

Applications to obtain a heavy vehicle parking licence are assessed subject to criteria and conditions detailed in Council of the City of the Gold Coast Local Law No.44 (Heavy Vehicle Parking) 2007.

The object of this local law is to ensure that heavy vehicle parking on residential premises does not result in harm to human health or safety and does not unreasonably detract from the desirable characteristics of the natural and built environment in which the heavy vehicle is parked.

Application requirements

Select from the drop-down subheadings below for information about the requirements for submitting a heavy vehicle parking licence application.


You will need to complete a heavy vehicle parking licence application form.

Find the link to the application form for a heavy vehicle parking licence below.


No application fee is applicable.

Vehicular crossing (VXO)

The vehicular crossing (VXO) is the driveway between the road kerb and a property boundary.

There may be a requirement to remove an existing VXO and construct a commercial VXO in accordance with the City of Gold Coast guidelines which can be found at:

City Plan - Part 9.4.2 Driveways and vehicular crossings code .

For further information on VXOs, please contact the City's Development Compliance – Implementation and Assessment Branch on 07 5667 5978.


Where a residential VXO is required to be reconstructed or upgraded to a commercial VXO, a bond may be requested by the City.

The bond is held as security in the event that the premises is no longer used to park a heavy vehicle and the VXO is required to be reinstated to a residential VXO.

A site inspection will be conducted as part of the application process and applicants will be advised if a bond is required.

Other requirements

In order to obtain a heavy vehicle parking permit, applicants are required to meet requirements which include, but are not limited to:

  • providing a statement advising that the applicant has consulted with or attempted to consult with each owner and occupier of any premises located within 50 metres of all the boundaries of the premises at which the heavy vehicle will be parked
  • the heavy vehicle must be parked in a Class 10 building and/or must be screened by sufficient vegetation to ensure that it cannot be viewed from a public place or any residential premises within 50 metres of the premises where the heavy vehicle will be parked.

Artist’s impression of approved premises

The Heavy vehicle parking fact sheet provides an illustration of the requirements for heavy vehicle parking.

How to submit an application

Applications can be submitted in person at City customer service centres or by mail.

The bond can be submitted at the time of lodgement or it will be requested on approval of the application.

Application process

Once your application has been submitted, the City will contact the applicant to confirm receipt of the application. Additional information may be requested and site visits may be conducted by the assessing officer. The City will forward the decision notice to the applicant.

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