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Heritage guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared by the City of Gold Coast to assist owners of heritage or character properties in maintaining or finding out more information about their property.

City of Gold Coast Heritage Guideline Series

The following guidelines are available for download:

Guideline 1: Owning a listed heritage place (PDF 1.9mb)

Guideline 2: Conserving and maintaining heritage places I (PDF 1.3mb)

Guideline 3: Conserving and maintaining heritage places II (PDF 1.1mb)

Guideline 4: Researching the history of your place (PDF 1.2mb)

Guideline 5: The Gold Coast Local Heritage Register (PDF 1.5mb)

Guideline 6:  Currently being prepared

Guideline 7: Heritage places and sustainability (PDF 836kb)

Guideline 8: Heritage organisations (PDF 742kb)

Guideline 9: Recognising Gold Coast housing styles, 1860s-1960 (PDF 4.9mb)

Guideline 10: The fibro beach house (PDF 1.7mb)

Guideline 11: Painting your heritage place (PDF 2.4mb)

Guideline 12: Terminology (PDF 894kb)

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